Search Mirrors and Metal Detectors

EOD173 WD10 Passive Command Wire Detector

The WD10 is a Passive system and is compatible with most Electronic Counter Measures equipment (users responsible for own compatibility testing). The unit is self-testing and self-calibrating, is weather proof and the probe assembly is capable of being immersed in water.

The WD10 is easy to operate having simple controls for power, sensitivity and volume with a push button zero control for pin-pointing targets.

The WD10 employs sophisticated digital detection, the advanced micro-controller design performs power management functions and continuous background diagnostics.

Key Features 

  • Detection of surface and buried command wires 
  • Passive detection method – no radiating elements 
  • Target detection indicated by variable tone 
  • Automatic calibration for ease of use and optimum sensitivity 
  • Low power drain for long battery life 
  • Controls Power/ sensitivity control 
  • Alert volume control
  • Indicators Instrument on / function / battery low warning 
  • Confidence click indicates correct operation 
  • Integral loudspeaker for alert tone
  • Earphone socket – automatically suppresses loudspeaker
  • Dimensions • Assembled detector: 1380mm long x 45mm diameter
  • Widest dimension: 200mm to peak of handle
  • Mass: 2,2kg with batteries fitted
  • Construction: Aluminium alloy extrusion, GRP probe


  • Material finish: green-grey drab
  • Temperature range: -15ºC to +60ºC

Typical Performance Target Detection distance Detection position

  • 50m wire 225mm centre of wire
  • 50m wire 50mm within 2m of wire end
  • Performance depends on wire length, buried depth, orientation of wire to ambient radio field, ground conditions and other factors
Product Categories :
  • Ground Search Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment
  • Search Mirrors and Metal Detectors

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