1. What are DSE International's payment terms? We will require full payment in UK Pounds Sterling in advance for all orders unless otherwise agreed. Our standard prices are quoted as Ex-Works. If you require a price that includes courier, airfreight, sea freight and insurance please specify.

2. Do I need to obtain an Export Licence? Some items supplied by Defence and Security Equipment International Ltd will require approval, in the form of an Export Licence, from the Department of Trade and Industry prior to export. Defence and Security Equipment International can apply for the licence on your behalf. Defence and Security Equipment International will refuse shipment if the necessary export documentation is not in place.

3. How quickly will you deliver? Delivery for stock items will be about 1 week, other items may take longer depending on their nature.

4. What are the legal restrictions concerning Jamming Equipment? The use of jamming equipment is prohibited in some countries. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have the legal right to import these products before purchasing from us. Upon purchasing, the customer becomes wholly liable for any legal issues that may occur a result of the importation and/or use of these products in the destination country. For UK customers it is illegal to use jamming equipment in the UK as it violates sections 1 & 13 of the 1949 telegraphy act, we are therefore unable to supply jammers to any UK customer with the exception of certain military and government departments who have the necessary authorisation from the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom). Please note that no exceptions can be made on this policy.

5. What are the legal restrictions concerning Transmitters? The use of transmitters supplied by Defence and Security Equipment International Ltd are illegal in the UK. It is in contravention of the Telegraphy Act 1949 as well as the Telecommunication Act 1985. Although it is not an offence to possess a transmitter in the UK, most of the transmitters supplied are not approved by the D.T.I and the use of them could be an offence. It is the purchaser's responsibility to acquaint themselves with legal regulations. We accept no responsibility for action against the purchaser. 

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Portable x-ray. As logos Imaging’s exclusive UK agent we are pleased to able to announce a complete range of new glass free DR flat panel imagers ranging from 6"x8" to 14"x17".