EOD123 Handheld Explosive and Flammable Liquids Detector

The EOD123 Handheld Explosive and Flammable Liquids Detector is used for inspection of liquids within containers, such as plastic and glass bottles, carton packages and other non-metallic vessels. It can be used by Aviation Security Services, Law Enforcement Agencies and Control Authorities in airports, at checkpoints and in crowded places (stadiums, night clubs, etc.).


The device allows the user, without having to directly contact or open a container, to distinguish between  substances such as gasoline, incendiary mixtures, acetone, nitroglycerine, various spirits, ethers and other dangerous liquids from water, nonalcoholic and alcoholic drinks (including strong ones), dairy products, etc

Product Categories :
  • Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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