Tx/Rx Listening Devices


The Micro GSM Listening Device is the pinnacle of GSM listening technology contained in an incredibly small unit being just 43 x 34 x 17mm. By calling the number of the inserted SIM card one is able to listen in on the surrounding conversation with extreme clarity from anywhere in the world. This clarity is achieved by using new filtering circuitry and a new DSP (Digital Sound Processor).

The size of the unit means that is can be concealed almost anywhere: in a home, office, car, handbag or briefcase. One charge will have the system ready for up to 6 days standby or 6-8 hours of quality listening. For long-term applications the unit can also be permanently connected to Mains Power.

UK customers can Track its location at any time via the internet making it a compact dual purpose surveillance device. Supplied with mains charger and protective carry case.

Product Categories :
  • Audio/Visual Surveillance
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Tx/Rx –Listening Devices

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