Surveillance Equipment


The CE VOX Voice Activated Transmitter is a cost effective transmitter designed for long term covert surveillance applications. The transmitter has a range of just under 1km in open ground and up to 150m when used within a building. When operated in the Voice Activated Mode the transmitter can be used for up to 150 days.

Technical Specifications:

Transmission Frequency:  1 channel fix, 433-434 MHz
RF Power Output:   10mW 
Modulation:    FM 12kHz
Power Supply:   2 x 1.5v AAA batteries, 1100 mAh
Current Consumption:  < 0.3mA stby, 17mA transmission
Frequency stability:   +/- 2KHz
Weight:    30g
Microphone:    Electret microphone integrated
Dimensions:    53 x 24 x 16mm
Range:    Optimal conditions 900m
Buildings: 150m
Transmitting time:   64hr, standby (VOX) 150 DAYS
Battery tray:    Integrated in the case

Product Categories :
  • Audio/Visual Surveillance
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Tx/Rx –Listening Devices

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