Audio/Visual Surveillance


The Noise Reduced Drilling System uses sound proofing to significantly reduce the noise of a drilling operation allowing for the covert gathering of audio and visual intelligence. The kit comes supplied in two pelican cases one of which houses the drill. The 1200w Power Percussion Drill, housed in a special foam sound proofing material, is connected to the actual drilling bit by a flexible cable. The flexible cable allows one to drill at various angles.  The speed of the drill is controlled by a control box which also contains the on/off switch.

 Kit contents:

• 1200W Power Percussion Drill with electronic adjustable speed.
• Chuck on tensile cable with speed control box and on/off switch.
• One hydraulic pressure system (Karcher) for water injection with hosepipe and drill adjustment.
• Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner with its own charger 220 V.
• Cap Lamp
• Spotlight on tripod.
• Canvas for ground protection.
• Mastic cartridge colorless Outside/Inside utilization.
• Polyurethane foam (spray expansive mousse).
• 8 meters electric cable extension.
• Pedal for electric speed variation.
• 3 adhesive rolls large 20mm.
• 1 plastic adhesive roll for watertightness.

Product Categories :
  • Audio/Visual Surveillance
  • Surveillance Equipment

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