The Ballistic Blanket is a light weight and rapid deployable system designed to provide protection against blast, fragmentation and ballistics. It can also be used to provide additional protection for floors, doors and other vulnerable parts of a building.

The blanket is available in all manner of sizes but it supplied as standard as follows:

1m x 1m (3.3ft x 3.3ft)
1.5m x 1.5m (4.9ft x 4.9ft)
2m x 2m (6.6ft x 6.6ft)
The Ballistic Blanket can be manufactured to meet the following protection levels:

II: Protects against 9mm FMJ and 357 Magnum JSP
IIIA: Protects against 9mm FMJ and 44 Magnum SJHP


Black, Blue, Olive Drab

Product Categories :
  • Anti-Riot/PPE
  • Security Forces / PPE Equipment
  • Shields

M: + 44 (0) 778 915 2567
E: [email protected]


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