The world class Firearms Shield was developed in the UK after close consultation with the UK Police and Firearms Team. The concept was to develop a ballistic shield which would provide protection in the kneeling position and at the same time enable the user to aim and fire from a semi-automatic weapon such as the MP5.

The design and tactical use of the shield, enhanced by the specific training precludes the need for a view port. This helps make the shield lighter than many of its competitors.

Most, if not all shields on the market require a two handed method of control. The Firearms Shield is designed to allow the operator to use both hands with a long arm and provides a stable shooting platform for use with a handgun. The unique design has a weapon rest incorporated into the shield, which is ambidextrous so that left or right handed operators can use the same shield quickly and without any need to change handle positions.
To use a handgun with most shields the operator bends their arm around in front of the shield and cants the weapon over to allow the operator to view the weapon through the viewport. With this system the operator uses the weapon rest to steady their shooting position and this improves their accuracy

Ballistic protection: NIJ Level IIIA, although other standards and levels can be provided.
Weight:   6kgs

Product Categories :
  • Anti-Riot/PPE
  • Security Forces / PPE Equipment
  • Shields

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