Primary Response/Trauma Bag

Large Red PouchCatastrophic BleedingPressure dressingNA5
Haemostatic GauzeNA2
TQ Action Card & LanyardNA4
Large Red PouchAirwayOP Airway2,3,46
Resquvac SuctionN/A1
NP Airway6,7,86
KY jelly sachetSmall6
Large Red PouchAirwayI-GEL3,4,56
KY Jelly sachetSmall6
Large Red PouchBreathingBag Valve MaskAdult2
  Pulse OximeterN/A1
Small PouchBurnsWatergelFace2
Burn filmN/A1
LoopsMiscTuff CutsN/A2
Pen TorchN/A1
Pen (Sharpee)N/A1
Small PouchFirst AidPlastersAssorted1
Triangular BandageN/A3
Crepe BandageMedium1
Crepe BandageSmall1
Ambulance Dressing1,2,3,44
Eye PadN/A2
Steri pod20ML2
Transpore tapeN/A1
Antiseptic wipesN/A5
Sam SplintSmall1
 Small PPE PouchGlovesLg10
Type IIR Surgical Face MaskN/A5
Alcohol Hand JelSmall1
Yellow BagSmall5
OtherOtherBlizzard BlanketAdult EMS3
C-Spine not cleared landyardNA2

Russell Chest Seal  x 2



Product Categories :
  • Miscellaneous
  • Security Forces / PPE Equipment

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