PPE080 Maxi 9000 Portable Floodlight

It uses two fluorescent tubes and the electronics allows it to be fitted with 3 different wattage tubes; 32W, 42W or 57W to give you the light output you require. With 2 x 57W tubes fitted it is extremely powerful, giving out 8600 Lumens of light.

As standard the 9000 is fitted with a 42W and a 57W tube, which can be operated on the single 42W or switched to 42W+57W, to give you medium and high light output options. The light output is enhanced further by a mirror finished aluminium reflector to give incredible light output. The Powerpack case is very robust and made from Polyethylene plastic. It uses a sealed lead acid battery (optional NiMH available) and is available in 2 sizes, 12V 24a/h and 12V 38A/h. It has Green, Amber and Red LED battery status indicators and will flash red when the battery gets too low and needs recharging. It also has 2 input/output sockets. These allow the user various options, i.e:

  • To use the lamp and other 12V dc equipment at the same time
  • To use the lamp and to recharge at the same time (optional 16A charger required)
  • To recharge / power the light from a generator for longer running times
  • To plug in an additional Powerpack for longer running times
Product Categories :
  • Lighting
  • Security Forces / PPE Equipment

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