An Infrared Illuminator throws out a beam of infra-red light that is near invisible to the naked eye but can be seen by a night vision device. This allows you to see in total darkness. The Infrared Illuminator can work as a floodlight or spotlight allowing you to view objects over a wide area or in a concentrated beam far away when used with a night vision device.

The system is available in two version, either the semi-covert 850nm version or the fully covert 940nm version. The 850nm semi-covert version is used for applications where the presence of the light source is not an issue; this is typical in film making or security cameras. The 940nm covert version is used for applications where the presence of the light needs to be unknown; this is typical in Military or Police applications.

Utilizing the tried & tested components and unique features of the LED 24 Floodlight, the white high intensity LEDs were replaced with 24 high power surface mount Infrared LEDs. The result is an extremely robust, maintenance free and adaptable portable Infrared Illuminator which gives up to 8 hours of use from a single charge and up to 300m of illumination. Whether it is for use under covert or semi-covert operations, the IR LED 24 Illuminator will stand up to the most demanding of challenges.

Twin towered 48 LED or four towered 96 LED IR configurations available.

Product Categories :
  • Lighting
  • Security Forces / PPE Equipment

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