Search Mirrors and Metal Detectors


*NATO Stock Number - 6695-99-814-9664*

Designed to be cost effective without compromising performance, the AD10-2 Hand Held Metal Detector is designed to endure 24 hour continuous use and abuse in the toughest working environments.

After many years of reliable service the AD10-2 has been supplied world wide to airports, police forces, Federal and State Departments, as well as Military and many other highly demanding users.

  • 2 year guarantee
  • Single push-button operation
  • Instant response to all metals
  • No false alarms - No metal present, no alarm
  • Clear audible alarm (digital go - no go) combined with visual LED
  • Battery inserted "cartridge" style - no wires or connectors
  • Ultra high reliability electronics
  • All equipment supplied complete with battery - Standard 9V battery
  • Fully automatic self adjusting circuits
  • Rugged construction - high impact resistant ABS moulded case
  • All weather use - working temperature -20C +65C
  • CE Approved
Product Categories :
  • Search Mirrors and Metal Detectors

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