IED Disruption


A rugged, spring-loaded, remotely line-triggered and highly reliable non-explosive wire cutter for silently cutting command wire, arming wire or pull cord command lines

Command wire IEDs

CWIEDs are on the increase. They are easy to manufacture and assemble and require little expertise to deploy and initiate. They are easily concealed and provide an accurate means of targeting moving vehicles and personnel. They also provide a silent and invisible barrier around a sensitive site.

A simple tool for rapid deployment during routine route clearance and isolation of vulnerable points by dismounted troops.

 • Cuts 14mm section out of wire to prevent a short circuit
• Non-explosive, silent mechanism for special operations
• Cuts through many types of wire and pull cord
• Safety mechanism to prevent misfire

Product Categories :
  • IED Disruption
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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