Ground Search Detectors

EOD801 Hand Held Metal Detector CIED

The HD7 is rugged and simple to use, the detector is weather resistant and is manufactured to meet relevant UK defence standards and carries the CE mark. The system is powered by a standard 9 volt PP3 battery giving approximately 40 hours use. The HD7 is in the service with the UK Armed Forces and NATO countries. The HD7 is available in tan or black with MOLLE compatible metal clip. Specifications: Weight: 320g (incl battery) Length: 340mm Width: 66mm Controls: On/Off, alarm type settings Construction: ABS, water resistant, EMC shielded Environmental: -10° to +50°C Typical Detection (approx.): Hand Guns 200mm, 1 Euro Coin 80mm, knife 160mm
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  • EOD Search and Access Kits
  • Ground Search Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment
  • Search Mirrors and Metal Detectors

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