Ground Search Detectors


The Ferrous Ordnance Locator/ Magnetometer is designed for the detection of buried ordnance often at considerable depths both in the ground and at the bottom of inshore waters.

The Ferrous Ordnance Locator/Magnetometer works by detecting geomagnetic field interference, a principle known as the gradiometer principle. A ferromagnetic objects interferes with the earth’s magnetic field, and in very simple terms it is this interference that the magnetometer detects. The closer the magnetometer is to a ferromagnetic object the greater the interference.

The system can also be supplied with a data logger. The data logger is used to record the data for further analysis and interpretation at a later date. For example, you may want to plot the instrument’s findings over an entire site. The system is also borehole compatible, meaning that it can operate at great depths as well as in severely disrupted search environments. For borehole detection work, the standard water cable is used to connect the detector rod to the unit’s electronics or a data logger as well as to an external battery-driven power pack over a length of 25 m. Special lengths of water cable can be made to order as required.

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