Ground Search Detectors


*NATO STOCK NUMBER: 6695-99-512-1542*

The Mine and Metal Detector is a hand-held mine and metal detector suitable for use in all theatres of operation. The instrument is highly sensitive and uses very high speed pulse induction technology to give exceptional performance against minimum metal content mines. The equipment is largely automatic in operation, being self adjusting to its immediate environment. It is very simple to operate with only minimum training required.

All elements of the instrument (with the exception of an optional external clamshell earpiece) have been integrated into a single unit incorporating a control unit, batteries and telescopic halo assembly. There are no separate parts, and consequently no cumbersome interconnecting cables. The equipment is weather proof and totally sealed. The instrument is controlled by a microprocessor, which permits very precise timing, rapid switching and sophisticated signal processing. This is in conjunction with the novel head design, permits detection of very small objects even when in the vicinity of larger targets.

Product Categories :
  • Ground Search Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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