EOD/Demining Tool Kits


The Demolition Tool Kit is a lightweight self contained kit that contains all the ancillary equipment required to prepare and execute the majority of demolition tasks. The Demolition Tool Kit is suitable for use with both military and civilian organisations and is designed for use in demining and explosive ordnance clearing operations.

The entire contents is stored in a single tough nylon carry case with enough additional capacity so that the operator can include any additional items of choice.

Contents: Ballistic Nylon Carry Case
250m MILSPEC firing cable
Lightweight Cable Reel
Electronic Exploder
Digital Multi-Meter
Detonator Crimping Tool
Fuze Cutter
Wire Stripper
Multi Tool
5m Tape
Stop Watch
Detonator Holders
Electrical Tape
Folding Shovel

Product Categories :
  • EOD/Demining Tool Kits
  • IED Disruption
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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