EOD/Demining Tool Kits


Solex is designed to be operated in one hand whilst wearing NBC or cold weather clothing. Detonators are connected using a variety of cables.

The ARM and FIRE switches are fitted on one side of the case for operation with the index and middle finger. The TEST button is fitted on the top. Also on the top there is an LED firing counter, a test indicator and an armed indicator.

Product Capabilities 

  • One handed operation even when wearing NBC gloves
  • Firing Circuit integrity test facility
  • Continuity is achieved within one second of pressing the TEST button
  • Arming is achieved within four seconds of pressing the ARM button
  • Firing is achieved within 100ms of pressing the FIRE button
  • If the ARM button is released the unit returns to the fully disarmed state within one second

Product Specifications 

  • Weight 0.29kg, Length 125mm, Width 40mm, Height 71.5mm
  • Max output capacity 7.8 Joules
  • Usage counter
  • Environmentally protected to IP67
  • Temperature Range -19°C to +49°C
  • Storage temperature range -19°C to +49C

Please email [email protected] for datasheet and pricing.

Product Categories :
  • EOD/Demining Tool Kits
  • IED Disruption

M: + 44 (0) 778 915 2567
E: [email protected]


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