The LS1516BA - the world leading Liquid, Aerosol and Gel screening system with hundreds of installations world wide. Using the latest advanced pseudo dual-energy Computed Tomography (CT) technology, the LS1516BA meets the ECAC Standard 2 for Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) and has been shown to return a class-leading False Alarm Rate across all types of containers and packaging. The LS1516BA is simple to install, easy to use and fast – offering a cycle time down to <8 seconds.

Unlike optical (Raman) or dielectric measurement systems, the LS151BA uses x-ray technology and not only can it be used on all types of container, including opaque and metallic, there is no need to remove the container from its outer packaging – a feature that avoids the need to break open presentation cases as well as saving time and reducing risk.

In addition to the pre-programmed ECAC Threat List the LS1516BA can be configured to alarm on additional items of interest and has the unique capability of giving the operator an on-screen image of the contents of the container. This enables the operator to identify items that are not LAGS within the containers.

Product Categories :
  • Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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Portable x-ray. As logos Imaging’s exclusive UK agent we are pleased to able to announce a complete range of new glass free DR flat panel imagers ranging from 6"x8" to 14"x17".