The Electronic Stethoscope is designed to detect very weak sound waves that are produced by mechanical clockwork detonators found within unconventional explosive or incendiary devices and as such is an essential tool for the detection of EOD and IEDD and other search activities. The system detects, amplifies and identifies the sound waves using the selection of acoustic sensors supplied with the equipment. It is able to detect acoustic activity through all manner of construction materials including wood, glass, brick etc.

The ruggedised, portable, battery-operated kit comprises both contact and non-contact sensors. Its high frequency and very sensitive, impact contactless search head and amplifier, has been designed to filter out interference from extraneous environmental airborne sounds, and so can be used in noisy surroundings. It will detect weak sounds from a distance of approximately 8 meters, depending on the position, surroundings and type of timing device. 

The system is in service globally with numerous EOD/IEDD and Search teams.

Product Categories :
  • Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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