Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation


Suspect Mail – whether or not it turns out to be a real device – can cause great disruption to an organisation and its business continuity.

The Suspect Mail Container is designed to live along side mail scanning equipment for the rapid, safe isolation of any item that is of concern. Evacuation procedures can then be carried out in a safe manner. Use of the Suspect Mail Container may also reduce the extent of evacuation required within a facility.

Should a device detonate inside the Suspect Mail Container, it will minimise damage to the surrounding room and contain the forensic evidence from the device – both factors minimising the downtime and disruption to the organisation.

Key features:

• Available in top opening and front opening form.
• Can be fitted with internal shelves and external locks.
• Rated to 235g TNT equivalent

External dimensions: Top opening: 680x680x700mm
Front opening:   650x700x700mm
Internal dimensions:  400mm x 400mm x 500mm
Weight:   100kg

Product Categories :
  • Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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