Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation


The Postal Bomb Container is a mobile blast container that is constructed from a composite woven material to withstand blast and fragments from IED devices containing up to 16 oz (500g) of PE4. The blast will be directed upwards minimizing the danger to personnel.


The container is designed to be x-ray compatible and has datum points marked on the outside of the container to allow x-rays to be taken at specific points.


The outside of the main unit is fitted with rubber tyre rings to allow the tube to be rolled away from a sensitive area without removal of the package. A detachable base plate is fitted to the unit to provide protection to the floor when in the upright position. The unit is finished in a highly visible dayglow orange.

Product Categories :
  • Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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