Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation


The Suspect Hand Baggage Containment System is designed for the immediate containment, and if necessary, the rapid removal of a suspect device or item of luggage from a building such as an airport, sports arena, high profile commercial building or public office. The containment system is highly manoeuvrable. It is mounted on wheels and can be easily transported using the bar handle or collapsible hand-towing handle. In addition the system contains a bracket which is Hook and Line and ROV compatible.


The system uses a special patented technology which allows the blast to be dissipated through a sponge like material. The system’s blast and fragmentation capabilities, which have been independently tested, are way and above the anticipated threat levels. In addition, the system is designed to work even when the explosive device detonates near the sides or the bottom of the unit.

Product Categories :
  • Bomb Containment/Blast Mitigation
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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