Binoculars/Image Intensifiers/Thermal Imagers


It is recognises that night surveillance and security operations can be highly stressful. Mistakes can be made by even very well trained operators. To assist in this difficult environment, the TIC is designed to be instinctive and simple to use. You don’t even need to remember how to switch it on; Once powered up just bring it up to your eye and it provides you with an image virtually instantly or place it in manual mode for continual display.
TIC is tough – the unique materials and construction used by the unit ensure that it will survive even the most demanding environment and roughest handling. The TIC is small and lightweight so it can always be with you when you need it.

Key Benefits

• Designed for high-stress operations
• Detects humans up to 1800m
• Detects vehicles up to 4000m
• Covert & inaudible – enhanced safety
• Continual video image – no calibration breaks
• Small – pocket sized
• Lightweight
• Long operational duration
• Provides range to target
• Fully automatic and instinctive

Product Categories :
  • Binoculars/Image Intensifiers/Thermal Imagers
  • Surveillance Equipment

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