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The NVG300 Night Vision Monocular uses a high specification Gen 2+ US made Image Intensifier with a minimum resolution of 28 lp/mm (32 lp/mm). It is one of the most versatile and cost effective systems available and is currently in service in Iraq with the US military. It can be configured with a number of optional accessories to meet any mission requirement. Standard features such as Mil Spec optics, high-power, multi-stage Infrared Illuminator, and internal low battery and infrared indicators are packaged in a compact, rugged, weather resistant housing. 

A large selection of optional accessories makes the NVG300 extremely versatile. Detection ranges can be increased by adding to the 1x objective high-resolution 3x or 5x Mil Spec Afocal lenses or replacing it with a 3.6x commercial objective that can be increased to 7x by coupling with a magnification doubler (additional lenses not included as standard). A camera/camcorder adaptor can be used to attach the NVG300 to 35 mm SLR cameras and camcorders for nighttime use. Installed on a Mil Spec weapon mount, the NVG300 adds night vision capabilities to daytime holosights like EoTech or Aimpoint. The Monocular can be used with a head harness if required.

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