IED Disruption


*NATO Stock Number: 1385-99-978-3490*

The Rocket Wrench is a robust high torque wrench, developed for the UK MOD as a means of unscrewing fuses from explosive devices at a safe distance. It is designed to be used by EOD/IED Bomb Technicians and by Military Bomb Squad personnel, to assist in the defusing of unexploded bombs, grenades and other unscrew type explosive devices such as fire extinguishers or household gas cylinders that have been converted into IEDs.

The Rocket Wrench Defusing Device can be deployed in either compact or increased diameter format. It can be used either clockwise or anti-clockwise without modification and is designed for quick and easy deployment. The wrench is powered by two electrically initiated 0.5 caliber power cartridges.
It is of modular construction permitting easy maintenance and parts replacement. It comes in a special heavy duty transport case with all the necessary accessories.

Product Categories :
  • IED Disruption
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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