The Hand-Held Liquid Detector is a unique device for the contactless detection of flammable and explosive liquids contained inside sealed containers. The system allows one to safely and quickly check the contents of plastic and glass bottles and other non-metallic containers without the need to break the seal on or open the container.

The Hand-Held Liquid Detector is able to distinguish between substances such as gasoline/petrol, incendiary mixtures, acetone, nitro-glycerine, various spirits, ethers and other dangerous liquids from water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, dairy products etc.

Using a unique technology the device estimates the spatial distribution of electric properties of a medium and can determine the characteristics of a liquid irrespective of the size of the container and whether or not it contains air gaps. The electrical properties of the liquid (permittivity and conductivity) determine whether the liquid is either flammable or explosive.

The device is completely electronic and does not contain any radioactive or microwave sources or any other potentially dangerous parts. The system is easy to use and does not require any adjustment or preparation. Simply hold the device close to the surface of the container and press the button. A green light shows that the liquid inside the container is not flammable and a red light indicates potential danger.

Product Categories :
  • Detectors
  • Search and EOD Equipment

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